Our Story

My parents met in grade school and grew up as neighbors. They were inseparable throughout their school years and married after they graduated. My paternal great aunt owned about 35 acres of land in Grafton that used to be a stage coach inn during the Civil War. The family spent their summers in Grafton, living in the inn on the property. When my parents were married, they purchased some of the property to build their own home. In 1973, they decided to build a REAL™ Log Home. They purchased “The Shire” plan, and began building soon thereafter with the help of friends and family. They soon added a barn and started a small farm. I grew up in that log cabin, and my great aunt still “summered” at the stage coach inn next door to my parents for many years when I was little. 

Adam and I met in 1999 while working together at a local store. He had grown up in the suburbs of Loudonville NY, very different from the farm life I grew up with. We soon moved to a small city outside of Albany, and got married in June of 2004. 

On Christmas Eve of 2004, I received a phone call that no young adult wants to get. My father had suffered a massive heart attack and passed away.  We decided that winter to purchase the remaining property that the stage coach inn still stood on from my great aunt, and build a home to be closer to my mom. After determining that the stage coach inn was in too great of disrepair to salvage, we decided to take the same route as my parents and build our own log cabin.

Of course, it was an easy decision to choose REAL LOG HOMES ® . After much consideration, we chose to build  The Catskill” model. In June of 2005, our kit arrived and we began building our home. After a month of long nights and weekends with our friends and family, the walls were up. A month later, the roof was on. Adam did all the electrical, plumbing and finish work throughout the Fall. We moved in December of 2005. 

It was a long year, but we did it! We are very proud of what we built, which is why 11 years later, we decided to become independent representatives for REAL LOG HOMES® . We are looking forward to helping others through the process that we know so very well.  We hope you will take a few minutes to look through some of the photos below from our building process and then give us a call to get your dream log cabin started today!

​                                                                                                                                                         -Rebecca Clark